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Our why

Hi, I’m Jas Sandhu from the High Street Dental Practice.

For the last 25 years and counting, dentistry has been my vocation. I also have an avocation, which is to do things that matter. For the causes I believe in, for my family and for myself.

We have a saying at our practice which goes like this:
“Be true to our members, our community and ourselves”.

The way we do this is to focus on time and communication. Firstly, time. Whether you’re calling us on the phone or you’ve come in to see us, we do not rush you and we don’t rush ourselves. And secondly, communication: we listen – we don’t interrupt. We also explain exactly what treatment you may require and answer what we consider to be three of the most  important questions:

Will it hurt?
How much will it cost? And
How long will it take?

Of course, there are others, and we make sure that we address them all. After all, the fewer unanswered questions there are, the more relaxed you’re likely to feel.

So, if you were to ask us why we do what we do, the answer is:

By looking after your mouths, we want to leave you, our members, feeling better about yourselves. Because that’s what makes us feel better.

We’re really fortunate to get lots of nice testimonials, and I’m really grateful for every one of them. But I have a favourite. It’s from a girl called Abigail who was about 14 at the time. Abbie had seeing us for about 4 years and she was very, very nervous to start with. But, whenever she needed any treatment, we took our time. Always making sure to explain what we were doing and letting her know that she was always in control. If she wanted me to stop, I’d stop! And, slowly but surely, her confidence grew. Eventually, she even had her teeth straightened by Alex Cash, our orthodontist. Now she now looks forward to coming to see us.
What she wrote was: “they make you smile”.

And that’s what we really want to do. Spread smiles.

National Lottery Great Olympic Run

Our very own Debbie Topley, Associate Dentist here at the High Street Dental Practice, has been chosen by ballot to run 5 miles around the Olympic village. There will be 5000 people taking part in the run on Saturday 31st March.
The race will end within the walls of the magnificent stadium where she will receive a medal for her efforts. All proceeds go towards the National Lottery Olympic Fund.
Good luck Debbie from all of us.