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Jaspal Sandhu to help Morrocco’s Berber Tribe

Our very own dentist, Jaspal Sandhu, is set to embark on a charity expedition with other dentists from the UK, to provide desperately required dental care for the Berber Tribe in North East Morrocco.

The Berber Tribe are in desperate need of a dentist.  They already have an under funded doctor with 50,000 people in his care, he cannot take care of them all.

In a Berber Village by the Mediterranean Sea, the group of eight dentists will be treating both men and women whose biggest problem is gingivitis (inflammation of the gums surrounding the teeth).

The trip starts on 24th September and ends on October 1st.  Money is being raised for supplies and materials to help the Berber Tribe, and the cost of the trip are being personally met by Dr Sandhu.

As he explains: “In ten years time, the day will come when the Berber Tribe, its land and its traditions will be swallowed up into mainstream society – just as the Red Indians and Aborigines did before them. But today, the privilege to experience the tribe in their natural habitat, is available to a very few.”

Find out more about his trip on his return.