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Jaspal Sandhu Wins National Charity Award for Morocco Mission of Mercy

Jaspal Sandhu of The High Street Dental Practice East Grinstead picked up a National Dental Award on Saturday 7th May at the prestigious Lancaster Gate Hotel, London.

Probe magazine awarded Jas, from East Grinstead and his fellow charity workers, Dental Mavericks, ‘The Best Regional Dental Team.’
This award recognised Jas for his contribution to fifty Moroccan children in desperate need of dental care. The kids received pain free dentistry but there are still 550 kids in desperate need.
Jas paid for his own trip last year to El Jebah, Northern Morocco. And he said about the award, “The tribe are in desperate need of dental care, with their under-funded doctor responsible for 50,000 people, it was a privilege to help and to win an award for doing so is fantastic and a credit to the whole team”.
Jas and the Dental Mavericks are going back to Morocco in September to carry on giving back to the kids who we couldn’t get to. Cally Gedge co- founder from Dental Mavericks commented, “the dentists involved with Dental Mavericks spend a lot of time, money, and energy helping these kids with severe decayed teeth. Winning a National Award is the icing on the cake. These dentists have found a higher purpose in life, not just about making money.”
If you would like to see Jas in action please go here