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Be true…Iva

Once again Iva is using her new found love of keeping fit to help others. Following our philosophy of “Be true to our members our community and ourselves”

After a 45 minute kettle bell circuit training class, which apparently was just for fun, Iva undertook a three mile run in aid of our Charity of the month “Young Epilepsy”

Well done Iva.

What will Iva be doing next? Any suggestions to

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What our members say…

I used to hate going to the dentist but at this Dental practice they make you feel so relaxed and that you are the only person that is important. There is a great feeling when you walk in and everybody is very friendly. I would recommend anyone to try this dental practice.
Carol A
This dental practice has given me the confidence to go to the dentist and enjoy the experience. I used to hate going to the dentist but at this practice they not only make you feel comfortable and relaxed they are also very friendly and helpful at any time whether an emergency or regular appointment and I would recommend them to anyone.
Carol A
I have been living in East Grinstead for over 10 year now and have tried all the practices in the town and none has provided me with the quality of care, attention and professionalism of a good dental practice until I found The High Street Dental Practice. Friendly, caring, excellent & efficient staff all round. Well done! Keep it up
Dax F
Very good dentists – the best!! Very helpful and gentle at High Street Dental.
Jane K.
Always friendly and even if you’re a wimp like me going to the dentist is not too scary !
Anne J
The High Street Dental Practice is the best dental practice ever – I am sure of it!
Valerie B
I love this dentist as I have a fear of visiting such places but they are really friendly and reassuring here and met my requests with good humour so I no longer dread going.
Janet C

Pain-free Dentistry

Pain-free dentistry

In our experience, the three biggest questions that our members want answered are:
1. Will it hurt?
2. How much will it cost?
3. How long will it take?

One of our core promises is: ‘Always put ourselves in our members’ shoes’. After all, we treat each other as well at our practice, so we do see things from both sides of the face mask, so to speak.

Will it hurt?
This is the first, and most important, question that we always address. And the answer is no.
How can we be so sure? By focusing on two very important issues:
‘Communication and Time’

By telling and showing our members exactly what treatment may be required, using radiographs, photos and models of their teeth, they get a better understanding of exactly what we’re proposing to do, and why. This makes a huge difference, especially for newer members whose trust we haven’t yet earned. There is another, equally important element of communication, and that is for us to listen. We won’t rush, and we certainly will not interrupt. By listening to your concerns, we can be sure of providing the best care.

Before we start any treatment, we will make sure that you are well and truly ‘numb’. There’s no point in not mentioning the dreaded ‘injection’ word. There, I’ve said it. But we also use a paste which is put on the gum beforehand, so you don’t feel anything.
And then we wait. This is where time is so important because we all differ in how long it takes to go numb. Unless you are seeing us in an emergency, we carefully plan all our appointments, allowing lots of time so that so that you don’t feel rushed.
Are we confident that we can deliver pain-free dentistry? Yes. In fact, we back it up with a complete ‘money back’ guarantee. No questions, terms or conditions.
Oh, and by the way, I’m a very nervous patient myself. In fact, when I once needed a filling, I was so scared of having it done that I did it myself! It was a daft thing to do, as my nurse kept telling me. But my excuse was that, by being in control, I could stop if it hurt me. It’s this ‘being in control’ which is so important and our aim is to cater to your specific needs such that you can take back control of your treatment.

Man of the Year

There comes a time in a mans life when recognition is not a reason for doing. However when you are labelled with an accolade like Man of the Year I hear Jaspal Sandhu saying
It was a great honour and surprise when our very own Principal dentist was recognised for his charity and community work in the East Grinstead Observer as one of the Heroes of the last 12 months.

On Your Bike

At the later part of last year our receptionist Iva broke her collar bone in a car crash which caused her great discomfort and a lot of pain. However this did not stop her from taking part in a sponsored spinning in aid of Young Epilepsy in January 2012. Not only was she one of the last to ‘get off her bike” she lasted 3 hours 34 minutes. A classic example of being true to the community and herself.

Best of 14 Days of Love

Way back in 2010 we were voted the best dental practice in the UK.
The response we had from our loyal members was both flattering and rewarding to our dedicated staff. The extra effort the dentists, nurses, Hygienists and admin staff go to to ensure that a visit to us is a welcoming and pleasant one, was very much recognised by the fantastic comments on the entry forms.
If you love what we do here at the High Street Dental Practice, Creating confident smiles through PAIN FREE dentistry then please vote for us on the link below
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