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Traceys story

Hi my name is Tracey. I have worked at the practice for almost 10 years.
I am lucky enough to have Jas as my dentist and was therefore screened for mouth cancer at my recent smile audit. Most of my family live in Wales, I am very proud to be Welsh!!
My Dad was not that fortunate, and this year we lost him to mouth and throat cancer. I am not blaming anyone for not detecting his cancer, he wore dentures and didn’t have any teeth. I just want people to know how important it is to have these checks done. Early detection means cure!! We could still have my Dad.
At the High Street, we have fantastic dentists who are ready and waiting to do these checks for you, look at our web site, and please join us on 5th of December.

John Lennon’s Tooth Tour to Promote Oral Cancer Awareness

National Mouth Cancer Month a one day celebration of ‘The Beatles Mania Week Celebrating 50 Years’, on the 5th December 2012 The High Street Dental Practice has on loan’ part of John Lennon’s Tooth!
John Lennon’s tooth recently fetched £19,000 at auction. It was bought by Michael Zuk, author and dentists and obsessive collector of celebrity teeth.
The tooth had been in the family of Lennon’s former housekeeper Dot Jarlett. Lennon gave it to to dispose of, sometime between 1964 and 1968, but then suggested she keep the tooth to give to her daughter, who was a big Beatles fan citing it may be worth something one day. She recently had to sell the tooth to pay for a family member’s operation.
Omega Auction House, which listed the item, told CNN that because it was coming from Jarlett, they don’t doubt the tooth’s authenticity. Part of the tooth has been turned into a DNA necklace made by famous Beverley Hills jewellery designer Ari Soffer. It is valued at $25,000.
The High Street Dental Practice will be displaying the ‘John Lennon DNA Tooth Necklace’ to highlight Mouth Cancer.
The High Street Dental Practice said, “The Beatles Mania Week Celebrating 50 Years is to also offer local people a chance to diagnose mouth cancer before it’s too late. It will be fun, and you even get to wear John Lennon’s tooth around your neck, have a picture taken too.”
Beatles Mania Mouth Cancer Screening
In 2010 a total of 1,985 deaths occurred from oral (mouth) cancer in the UK. And the real benefit from the ‘Beatles Mania Week’ is to make local residents aware of the dangers they may face. The largest increases have been in people aged 50-69. So if you fit into this bracket, want to come and listen to the Beatles, get to wear John Lennon’s Tooth around your neck, then The High Street Dental Practice welcomes you.
For one day only, 5th December 2012 we are offering those most at risk a “FREE Beatles Mania Mouth Cancer Screening”. It’s painless and only takes about 10 minutes.
Michael Zuk, the ‘obsessed’ dentist that bought John Lennon’s tooth, and incidentally, who also purchased one of Elvis Presley’s crowns, released the following statement:
“To celebrate the life of one of Rock & Roll’s greatest artists, I am pleased to announce we have teamed up on a unique DNA jewellery project with Los Angeles celebrity jewellery designer Ari Soffer who has made pieces for stars such as Tommy Lee, Axl Rose and Slash. I recently discovered Ari’s work after my wife mentioned she’d kill for a diamond encrusted pendant that a Beverly Hills Housewife star was wearing.”
Michael Zuk, the celebrity dentist has appeared on major US TV, Rolling Stone Magazine, and NME. Yar Zuk is available for an informative interview directly by phone at his office at 403-347-8008/ fax 403-343-9421. Email
A video here from dentist Dr Yar Zuk, Collector of Celebrity Teeth’
Jaspal Sandhu, Principal Dentist
High Street Dental Practice, 6 High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex. RH19 3AW.
0844 576 9656

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Debbie -what I do in my spare time.

I started exercising at an early age with ballet, tap and modern dance and then represented various school teams in netball, rounders’ and lacrosse. At university, a good friend recommended I join her at a lunchtime aerobics class and so my love of aerobics and the gym began.
I took up step classes when I left university and even bought a step and numerous videos to use at home. Many nights my husband would come home from work hoping to have a nice sit down only to find me twirling around a plastic step in the lounge!
Even when my children were little and I was unable to visit the gym, I would exercise to fitness videos when they were having an afternoon nap.
Once the children went to school, I started going to the gym more frequently and took up running. Having never been able to run a mile, my aim was to take part in a Race for Life. It took me 6 months of training to reach 5km and I took part in the Brighton Race for Life in 2006 and finished it in 35 mins.
I then decided that 10km would be a challenge and took part in a Race for Life 10 km event later that year at Leeds Castle in Kent with Julie our hygienist. It was a challenging course but I completed it in 1hour 10 mins.(Julie was a lot quicker)
My next challenge was the Great South Run. A 10mile road race around the streets of Portsmouth. I took part in the race in 2007 and despite torrential rain on the day I finished it in 1hour 40mins. I was so proud of myself that I actually cried when I crossed the finish line.
Julie then decided that we would challenge ourselves once more and entered both of us and her sister in a half marathon. I put in a lot of training but was not prepared for the extremely hilly course! Some hills were so steep you could just about walk up them. Having cursed Julie for the entire course, I finished it in just under 2 ½ hours.
I also took up body combat and spinning classes at the gym which I do several times a week as well as running.
I have also entered the East Grinstead 10km run for the past 2 years with Julie and this year managed to break the hour mark by finishing in 58mins.
My next challenge is in May 2013 in which I have entered the East Grinstead Triathlon. I will be swimming 500m, cycling 20km then running 5km. I will have to teach myself front crawl but the cycling and running should be ok.
If you are up early on a Sunday, you may see me and my neighbour running up and down the Worth Way in training for the triathlon and cycling around town. However if you are in the swimming pool keep clear of the woman who can’t yet master front crawl as that will be me!