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Newsletter – Making a Difference




On the 14th of June 1971, a new dental practice was opened in East Grinstead. It was, and still is, called ‘The High Street Dental Practice’.

45 years later and we are still here. Helping to serve an ever-increasing number of patients as well as our local community.Capture

For us, so much has changed. The faces, the technology, as well as the treatments that we are able to offer.

Many of you have stayed with us for so many of these years so you will have noticed these changes. We think that we’ve managed to change for the better, but what do you think?

Are we any better? Or just the same? And how could we continue to improve?

Please do let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

And, if you’re passing through town on the 14th of June, please pop in. We’ll be having a little celebration. Drinks and nibbles on us.

We do hope to see you then.

Jas Sandhu

ps We really would love to hear your comments. You can reply to this email or post directly onto our Facebook page here:

Did It Hurt?Jaspiechart

Our end of month survey for May showed the following results. Although nobody re
ported an ‘ouch’, they are still not good enough. I promise that we will continue to try to improve. In the meantime, please accept my apologies and thanks for taking the time to complete our surveys.

Jas Sandhu





Last month, we were invited to treat children in Essaouira, a port city on the west coast of Morocco. The invitation came from the local officials: the headmaster, directors, teachers and parents of children in the local schools.FullSizeRender-330

Their feedback – including that of the children – was
overwhelmingly positive. The headmaster said that, on the day following our visit, all of the children attended school – despite 562A1133-300some of them having to undergo extensive dental treatment. Most importantly though was the fact that he and the teachers noticed a marked improvement in the childrens’ ability to focus in the classrooms. Purely because they were no longer in pain.

As always, thank you for your support.

Jas Sandhu


How Powerful Is A Child’s Smile?Morocco-1-104_1024-322

New research has revealed that adults smile 13% more frequently when with children than when in
the presence of adults or being alone. This has been named the ‘Smile Back’ effect and it is particularly strong among adults who do not tend to smile much in photographs – showing even this group are powerless against the effects of a child’s smile.

The University of Cambridge, supported by The Wrigley Company, analysed the largest record of smiles and matching psychological data in history in order to explore the impact of children’s smile on others.

thumb_IMG_2073_1024-332The Smile Back Study also shows how the condition of our teeth can make a big difference to how often we smile. It found a significant correlation between healthy teeth and higher intensity of smiling; study participants who reported better oral health also reported higher levels of self- esteem and life satisfaction.


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Here’s a review left today on our Facebook page:P1020237_1024-326

“Well no one can really say they love going to the dentist and for me I’m a complete wimp when it comes to going. I had to have a filling today and the staff were great especially Kate who put me at ease and reassured me and it was pain free! Thank you.”

Kate ‘Incredible’ Cash



pasted-image-338Here’s a note from Corsica‘s assessor:

“Well done Corsica, you have worked really hard to get this qualification completed.

It has been lovely to see you progress throughout the qualification, you built up some good friendships within the class and were willing to share your knowledge with others. You were a pleasure to assess.”

Very well done Corsica.”




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