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image-2Thank you all again for taking the time to fill out our surveys. As you can see, the results for November have improved. In fact, they are our best so far, with 3% of you reporting feeling ‘a bit’ during treatment. Most importantly, we didn’t get a report of any ‘ouches’.

However, we can still improve. And, to that end , we have invested in some exciting new technology to hopefully do just that.

Aqua Care

‘Aqua Care’ is the latest and most advanced air abrasion units. It can be used to clean cavities and teeth using a fine spray of water and powders. The advantages are:

No Drill

No Vibration, and

No Pain

Aqua Care uses powder called ‘Sylc’ which contains Novamin, the same ingredient found in the latest Sensodyne toothpastes. And it has been clinically proven to protect and soothe our teeth. Consequently, it can be used to effectively remove tooth sensitivity.

If you would like to know more, please ask us for details.


This Christmas, we are raffling a hamper worth £100 and all proceeds will go to this very worthy charity.

If you’re passing by, please pop in and help us support ‘Help for Heroes’.

Tickets are £1 each and the lucky winner will be announced on the 19th of December.

She’s done it again


Many thanks to Nikoletta, who has recently had 10 inches of her hair cut off to donate to The Little Princess Trust.

The Dental Mavericks and Health-Point Foundation


Jas has just returned from another trip with his charity, The Dental Mavericks. This time, though, he travelled to Thessaloniki in Greece. Specifically to treat the Syrian refugees in partnership with the Health-Point Foundation charity.

“Mention Greece and you immediately think ‘hot’. Or at least I did. I certainly wasn’t expecting snow, but that’s what we had”.

“It was freezing, and these are the conditions that these poor people are enduring. Mostly with very little clothing and barefoot”.

image-6“We visited three camps, setting up our surgeries in each to treat as many people as we were able. So many were suffering from terrible toothache. And this, on top of all their other woes. It’s so unfair”.

“Entering the camps is a bit daunting at first, because of the high security. And, I was a little concerned. Not least because one of my daughters was with me. But, despite everything, that these people had been through, they were so friendly to us”.


image-7“It was an incredible experience and one that I hope to repeat soon”.





Word of the month:


Our Christmas opening hours:

Saturday 24th December                9am to 12pm

Monday 26th December                 Closed

Tuesday 27th December                 Closed

Wednesday 28th December          8am – 5pm

Thursday 29th December               8am – 5pm

Friday 30th December                     8am – 5pm

Monday 2nd January                        Closed


Thanks for reading and we wish you all a very merry Christmas.