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Dr Lynette Yong

Dr Lynette Yong
Facial Aesthetics and Age Management
MA(Cantab.), MBBS, FRCS
GMC Reg No. 4125415

I believe that a beautiful face requires good skin. So, after graduating in Medicine from Cambridge University in 1994, I decided to concentrate on Plastic surgery, and obtained my FRCS qualification.

After starting a family, I switched my focus to Aesthetic and Age Management and have since been running a successful practice in Harley Street. The skills I have learned - from the use of basic skin care and skin peels to injectable treatments such as muscle relaxants and fillers - now allow me to provide pain-free cosmetic facial treatments that result in a very natural appearance.

My goals are to protect the skin from trauma, to slow the ageing process and to help my patients achieve a well-rested and refreshed look.

Treatments offered:

Skincare: (From £36.00)

This forms the basis of good skin. Products prescribed are designed to prepare the skin to absorb active ingredients which can protect and preserve the skin. Used regularly consistent and effective skincare routine compliments and enhances any treatments performed in clinic.

Muscle relaxants: (From £240.00)

These utilise a protein peptide to adjust the strength of facial muscles and to lift and reshape the face.

Filler injections and facial contouring: (From £280.00)

Hyaluronic Acid products (and some other types of fillers) are used to restore structure and enhance natural contours. As we age, the face shrinks and loses its youthful shape, developing crags and valleys which become lined and heavy. Strategically placed filler products can be used to replace some of the lost tissue and smooth contours to create a more pleasing shape and contour.

Skin Peels: (From £125.00, requires consultation and not available April – September. Skin peels increase skin sensitivity to the sun, like a baby's skin so I advise patients to avoid the sun for 2 weeks after in order to obtain the best results and avoid skin damage)

Superficial peels are designed to exfoliate the surface, and stimulate the skin layers to generate better function in the skin. This improves tone, texture and reflectivity of the skin, creating a more luminous appearance.

To achieve good health, many factors need to be addressed: these include good nutrition, regular functional physical activity and exercise, and appropriate stress relief! To achieve this, I have close working relationships with other experts and practitioners, who I would be happy to recommend if required.

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