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Nikoletta Kafantari

Nikoletta Kafantari
DipDS Thessaloniki 2008, MSc in Endodontics 2011
Associate Dentist
GDC Reg No. 180602

I became a dentist as I always wanted to help remove pain and discomfort from people's everyday life. I realised at a young age that I wanted to study and to work in the healthcare industry. Dentistry has enabled me to both achieve my goal of relieving people's pain, and also to specialise in a field of intricate, almost artistic techniques.

My field of special interest is Endodontics. The term is derived from Greek, meaning Inside (Endo) Tooth (Odons) which is appropriate as I am a native of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, and studied in Greece before I completed with honours my Masters in Endodontics at the Eastman Dental Institute in London.

I really enjoy every single day at work, as I use the skills I have learnt to help my patients. It is the greatest feeling for me to see a patient happy with the work I have done and free from discomfort and pain. My goal is to prove to every patient of mine that Endodontics (root fillings) is a pain-free way to save their teeth and alleviate the discomfort they had been experiencing.

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