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Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most successful cosmetic treatments and can give fantastic results in a short period of time, as most teeth lighten within one month.

At The High Street Dental Practice we use a system where you are given custom-made trays to take home with you. The trays are used in conjunction with a special gel and are worn for at least two hours daily. Many patients prefer to put the trays in at night. If life is hectic and you don’t manage to do this every day then it doesn’t matter, they can be whitened when it fits in with your schedule but just takes a little longer. The trays can be used for top-up treatments when you feel your teeth can benefit from a boost of whiteness.

White teeth improve your smile, and a nice smile can get you much further in life. Having a nice smile improves your confidence, and will mean you smile more often. Because of this, people will perceive you as a much warmer, friendlier person.

Teeth whitening is now one of the safest, easiest and painless methods of producing a dazzling smile. Do not hide away your smile because you are embarrassed to show stained, aged teeth.

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