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My Dreams Do Come True…


After attending a handful of interviews I finally got the answer I had been waiting for. A big fat YES in 2006. Excellent! I was going to train for my dream job, to be a dental nurse.
I  know  it is not exactly the ‘normal dream job’ for most, like a doctor, lawyer or actress, but it was my dream and I was going to do it well.
I took my exams at guys hospital in London, which was the most nerve wreaking experience I have ever had to go through and I qualified in 2008.
I received my results on a warm spring day, it was deafening for my parents as I screamed with delight for what seemed like an hour, jumping  up and down and cracking open the bubbly.
A year later I was asked to join the National Examination Board for dental nurses where I attended West and East Sussex hospitals to help teach fellow nursing students to prepare for their exams. This involved mock oral and practical exams. It was very rewarding to help nurses who were nervous, just like myself .
In 2011 I started work here, at the High Street Dental Practice, which I must add was one of the best decisions I have ever made. What a brilliant practice. Every patient is cared for with the highest degree of customer care. I am so proud  and very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful team.
Along with another big fat “YES” for 2011. I was asked to marry the man of my dreams on a beautiful spring evening in a field of daffodils. Exactly a year later we said ” I do” and I became Mrs Carter, our spring wedding of 2012.
What a few amazing years I have had. My dream job, husband and wedding. Then on Christmas eve, YES!  The biggest dream came true, I am going to be a mummy .